Wednesday, May 6, 2009


What a day ! What a beautiful day!!! I'm finely relaxing now. All my friends are gone home, happy and in a good mood. Every other week I'm having a little party at my house with few of my best friends and we talk about everything and anything; we share stories, food recipes, new events, good news, sad news, but the party ends with good spirits and high hopes for better days ahead.
Here are the pictures of some of the food I've prepared for all of us; my Lemon Poppy Seed cake was a big success; also the Ham and Pepper Tart was gone "with the wind" in few minutes.
I didn't have to much time to cook and bake, so I got some cheeses and cold cuts from the supermarket. We also had chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with chocolate syrup...yummm.....ice tea, coffee, soda, water and a little strawberry Martini. I will post the recipe some time soon. Now I'm tired and my bubble bath is waiting for me to jump right in.

Good night my lovely visitors!

Have a nice day!


  1. This Lemon Poppy Seed cake looks delicious!! I`m waiting for the recipe:)))

  2. Woow... what a beatyful blogg u got going here!

    Take care & stay safe!

    // Jan

  3. Your photographs are just amazing. Beautiful presentation!

    It sounds as if everyone had a nice time. What a lovely tradition you have with your friends!

  4. wow, Nina, it's looks yummy!! :))

  5. @ Sweet Corner; thank you for visit and comment.
    The recipe is posted already; see labels or scroll down few posts! Enjoy!

  6. Hi Katy, thank you, thank you...
    "friends is easy to find, it's hard to keep"! :)