Sunday, January 17, 2010


I don't know how to translate this, but it was on the entrance door so I had to photograph it!

Welcome to Hong Kong Buffet!

At first I was just taking photos of our dishes, then decided to photograph the entire buffet for your viewing!

This is a casual family restaurant, not very pricey, a place that we've dined at for over 15 years.

I never knew the meaning of this statue but I think this is what you'd look like if you ate here constantly!

Business opportunity awaits on Mission Blvd in Fremont, CA!

I am excited for warm weather so we can dine alfresco!

Hope you enjoyed these photos!


  1. Buna,Nina
    Imi place tare mult blogul tau............din pacate stau prost cu engleza!!!!!!
    Iti doresc o zi si o saptamana minunata!

  2. şik bir restorantmış, fotoladıgın için teşekkürler.selamlar.

  3. Te mereces el oscar a la mejor fotografía. Un beso.

  4. What a tempting fotos yaar..Sooo yummy and mouthwatering...

  5. Ce frumos.......si ce bunatati!!!I-mi lasa gura apa!!!

  6. Wow, I thought you came to Hong Kong, haha.

    The Chinese characters in the first pic mean Hong Kong.

    And that statue, it is the Happy Buddha. We believe that this Happy Buddha inspires us to develop our inner qualities to achieve happiness, good fortune, and satisfaction in our lives.

  7. wow..everything looks delicious especially the wantan soup. that is my all time favorite!!

  8. I would not know where to begin!

  9. I'd have to be wheeled out of this place! YUM!

    ps I have a giveaway going on my blog. Stop by if you can to enter!

  10. Maria Mihalache, merci mult pentru vizita si aprecieri; poate te poti folosi de translator din cind in cind! Have a nice week! XO

    Bburcunokta, thank you ! XO

    Gracias Dolores, beso beso...

    Tina, thanks for all your visits and comments!XO

    Judy, imi pare rau ca nu te pot ajuta cu ceva sa-ti calmez poftele; merci de vizita si comments any way! pupic

    Kenny, thank you so much for the wonderful and interesting translation...and If I will ever visit Hong Kong I will definitely visit you too! Greetings from CA.

    Hi Qis,the wantan soup is my husband's favorite, mine's hot and sour...XO

    Katy, :))))))

    Hi Kris, thanks for comment and I will visit you a.s.a.p. XO

  11. hi,Nin...there's a award for you on my blog...bye